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Selecting the Best Portable Air Compressor For Car

Are you searching for the best air compressor? It is very difficult to select a portable air compressor for your car. This is because there are so many brands filling the automotive market. This makes it difficult to select one from so many different products available. there are several factors to consider before selecting an air compressor for your car tires. You have to check if it is compatible with power tools and if it will require adapters, or it would work with your vehicle without power tools, etc. In case the product is not able to push air so soon into your car tires, then it would be a waste of time and money buying it. Choose a suitable air compressor which may be used for all needs.

There are five major points you have to check before buying portable air compressor.

  1. Product Size

All air compressors are not portable and some are heavy, give more output for large vehicles, etc. So, these stationary air compressors have long hose pipe and a lengthy power cable to connect to huge power source. However, if you want it to take around, select a light and compact model so it is easy to carry around and it should connect and use the energy from your car.

  1. Type of Usage

This best portable air compressor which is light and portable is suitable for many more uses other than your car tires. As mentioned earlier, you can use the same air compressor for household equipments like inflatable couch or inflatable mattresses. This will even be great for camping as you can use the same pump to inflate your sleeping bag/ mattress and your car tires if they go flat.

  1. Energy Source

As mentioned earlier there are light duty and heavy duty air compressors. So, it again is based on your requirement. If you are using a heavy duty air compressor this may need your car battery for energy source. So check if the connector is fixable and can connect to your vehicle’s power source. Or, you may go for light duty portable air compressor so it can connect to your car’s socket for cigarette lighter.

  1. Standard Cubic Feet / Minute (SCFM)

There would be a label or paperwork that comes with the product. So there are specifications regarding how soon the air is pushed into your car tires. This is not only for the car tires but is also for the air inflatable products.  There are light duty air compressors that is generally 90 pounds per square inch. So, if you want to go for heavy duty air compressors, then go for the product that can generate 150 Pounds per Square Inch of air or a product that is higher than that.

  1. Size of Air Tank

It is very necessary to check the size of the air tank of the portable air compressor for car that you want to buy. Firstly, it should suit the purpose of filling air to your flat tires and could be for all of the car tires. So, each time the air compressor requires air, it will stop pushing air to your car tire, and you have to wait for the air to fill in the tank first. Generally,  a large air compressor can hold up to 6 gallons of air. However, if you want a portable and light duty air compressor, then you may select the tank that can hold up to 1 gallon of air.