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Introducing The Simple Way To Buy Car Parts

I love driving!

I have been fascinated with automobiles all my life. Growing up with three older brothers meant that I was a tomboy myself. Touchwood, with no discrimination at our house based on gender, ensured that I did the exact same things that my brothers were up to.

My first brush with a breakdown:

I had just got my test license and was driving to an aunt’s to check on her because she had been unwell. Dad had some business in the town and all the three brothers were busy in their own universe. I pulled out my car from the garage and was out on my way already when I started feeling vibrations on the floor of the car.

It struck me that the car was due for a service soon:

Our family diligently sent cars to the service station because the probability of breakdown was quite high and it did not make sense to spend money once the damage is done. We rather have it in the best of shape. So, I remembered that the car was due for a repair the previous week. The thought froze me. I was scared that in event of a breakdown I had no idea what I must do.

Luckily, I reached Aunt Hilda’s place safely:

I was relieved when nothing untoward happened on the carriageway. But I learned my best lesson on that day as to what one must do in case of a breakdown.

The hard shoulder of the carriageway:

I Googled and read out a detailed manual on what one should do in case of an emergency like this one. It said that the hard shoulder of the roadway is the best place to park the car in case of a breakdown. Once the carriage is on the side of the way, one should immediately on the hazard parking lights of the vehicle to signal the speeding vehicles that the car is stationary. Also, if it dark, it is also important to on the sidelights of the car. The next time your car breaks down go here first.


When you are out on a road trip, it is obvious that there will be a lot of luggage that comes along with it. Adventure trips always need not just a will to have fun but also loads of gear and clothing and accessories too.

But again, when you are out on an adventure drive, you do not want to use up whatever limited space a car an offer with luggage. So how and where do you accommodate the entire luggage?

The simplest answer to this is a cargo carrier. It is a convenient way in which you can haul your entire luggage that you would need on a trip and still not worry about the lack of space.

But when you have a lot of luggage that you are worried will not be able to fit into a conventional cargo basket, bag or box then what do you do? If you are considering having more than one cargo carrier, the practicality of it will entirely depend on the kind of vehicle you have.

Another cool option that you can explore is having a cargo carries with a roof rack. Since it does not have any borders like a basket or box, you can actually use as much horizontal as well as vertical space that you need to fit your luggage.

This even comes handy when you are carrying stuff that cannot be fit into a conventional basket, box or a bag. Like if you are carrying a bicycle, a kayak or anything that has a peculiar shape or size, fitting it in a box is not possible nor can you put it inside your car.

A roof rack is basically rods of metal that are secured by a sturdy border. This roof rack when secured on the roof of your car facilitates you to carry luggage of a wide range. However, one needs to take care of the water and snow proofing as a rack does not provide any such measures.