Month: November 2017


When you are out on a road trip, it is obvious that there will be a lot of luggage that comes along with it. Adventure trips always need not just a will to have fun but also loads of gear and clothing and accessories too.

But again, when you are out on an adventure drive, you do not want to use up whatever limited space a car an offer with luggage. So how and where do you accommodate the entire luggage?

The simplest answer to this is a cargo carrier. It is a convenient way in which you can haul your entire luggage that you would need on a trip and still not worry about the lack of space.

But when you have a lot of luggage that you are worried will not be able to fit into a conventional cargo basket, bag or box then what do you do? If you are considering having more than one cargo carrier, the practicality of it will entirely depend on the kind of vehicle you have.

Another cool option that you can explore is having a cargo carries with a roof rack. Since it does not have any borders like a basket or box, you can actually use as much horizontal as well as vertical space that you need to fit your luggage.

This even comes handy when you are carrying stuff that cannot be fit into a conventional basket, box or a bag. Like if you are carrying a bicycle, a kayak or anything that has a peculiar shape or size, fitting it in a box is not possible nor can you put it inside your car.

A roof rack is basically rods of metal that are secured by a sturdy border. This roof rack when secured on the roof of your car facilitates you to carry luggage of a wide range. However, one needs to take care of the water and snow proofing as a rack does not provide any such measures.

Best Way To Change A Flat Tyre

Are you a new driver and anxious about how will you change a flat tyre if it gets punctured on the road? Well, tyre changing is a very basic skill that every driver should learn. Do not depend on those on call services which can come to your rescue in case of a roadside emergency. If you have to commute in your vehicle every day then you need a permanent solution and the only way is to learn yourself about changing tyres. Do not worry it is not some rocket science. You just have to follow some guidelines and that’s all.

  • Firstly, you will need few items such as lug wrench, jack, fully inflated spare tyre, wheel wedges and flashlight. You can even buy extra car tyres online.
  • So, the moment you realize that your tire is flat, do not abruptly take a turn or brake. Reduce the car speed slowly and park it in either an empty parking lot or some level ground.
  • Once your car some to a stop, switch on the hazard lights which will allow the other drives to see that you are on the road and this can help in avoiding any mishap from taking place.
  • Next you need to apply the parking brake while you prepare to replace your tyre, so that the vehicle does not end up rolling.
  • Just apply the wheel wedges and then you have to remove the wheel cover. Lug nuts need to be loosened and then the jack needs to be placed under the vehicle.
  • Next you have to raise the vehicle with the help of the jack and replace the flat tyre with the new one and then make sure that the lug bolts are tightened. Once you lower the vehicle, again check if the lug nuts are tightened properly.