Month: April 2017

Happy Driving With Many Features In Your Volkswagen Golf

Cars are a craze for men, right from the time boy kids grow they are amazed by bikes and cars and when they grow it’s already in their mind that they should drive the best of cars. The next important accessory that guys would want to have is a good stereo, yes putting on blaring music when the guys go on a highway or put a soothing romantic music when going on a date is what dreams are made of. Thus men always look for the best whether it is women or cars they just have their picks.

So, most of the smart guys are after Volkswagen golf cars these days as they feel it is very much suitable for a crazy and choosy one. It has many features that make it suitable for guys of these days. Don’t worry young ladies, you can enjoy it too. All the crazy car lovers out there, make your drive even more pleasant by installing autoradio golf 6 bluetooth.

It gives you a different and comfortable feel throughout your journey with a lovely music. It has got other special features too. It has got an awesome steering wheel control support, Bluetooth feature and an excellent GPS facility. Apart from all this one can enjoy hearing music to the best sound with the help of new autoradio stereo which works wonder when you listen to your favorite number.

As the technology improves, more and more facilities are being introduced in each model. So, one can have enough enjoyment even during the ride. The latest technology that has been used in Volkswagen golf 5 is the use of android. Android’s capabilities are fully used in the GPS to show the exact route to the drivers.

So, do not underestimate the power and pleasure of driving a car. There are many safety features also available based on latest technology. Happy Driving!


Finding A GPS Navigation Device For Your Car

With the rise of GPS apps on smartphones, most people have an idea that it is useless to buy a self-contained GPS unit. However, if you have a dedicated car GPS system, it does have its own share of benefits. For example, if you are not aware of the directions, it is quite frustrating to exit the app to make a call for directions. A GPS unit is also superior to some phone apps with regard to map quality and also when you are in an area that does not have 4G or Wi-Fi. Moreover, if you have a family, you can also share it with the members conveniently.

Taking GPS to a new level

At CES 2017, the concept of GPS reached new levels of understanding as the latest systems were introduced in the market. A whole new range of in-dash entertainment systems was introduced that have given people great insight into the kind of technology that is expected to be unveiled this year.

Among the many autoradio android & carplay systems that were introduced, Kenwood DMX7740S, JVC KW-M730BT and Alpine iLX – 107 are the ones that have received maximum popularity.

Maps and music together

Yet another find has been the in-dash Autoradio Alfa 147 GPS that has a dual zone function. It lets you listen to radio and music while watching maps simultaneously. It has a built-in Bluetooth for hands-free call. It also has a Phonebook option to load numbers and make calls more conveniently. The obvious feature is its built-in GPS navigation with GPS antenna. Its real time clock function supports both 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock. The multi-languages menu comes in handy with languages ranging from English to German, French to Russian, Spanish to Turkish, Indonesia to Italian and Latvia to Lithuanian.

There is a whole range of features you can enjoy when you choose this in-dash navigation cum entertainment system.